Joanne's love for make-up developed at an early age. As a child, colors and pretty things amuse her. As she matured, so did her color palette and all things aesthetically pleasing. As an adult, she naturally gravitated toward the make-up counter of Estee Lauder. She eventually freelanced for Nordstrom's and Macy's events where her skills and techniques took her all over the south bay area. Her burgeoning skills were further developed as she worked with a variety of clients with different skin-care needs. It was in meeting the needs of all these women with diverse skin textures, tones, and regimens that she developed her eye for make-overs and facials. She then took the ultimate leap of faith and began to freelance and collaborate with other Northern California artists where she refined her skills within the industry.

Joanne's style reflects her fun-loving, easy nature, and even temperament. Clients describe her as an artist with a clear vision and a firm grasp of her canvas. She is a modern artist posessing immutable insight. She brings with her a clean brand of professionalism in everything that she does.The make-up artist before you is one that is seasoned with multiple looks, differing skin types, and most of all skilled in beautifying women of all ages.

She is available for weddings, photo-shoots, special occasions and lessons.